How to dress for your body type?


Fashion is generally thought of as a person enclosed in an envelope of sophisticated clothes but in a true sense, it holds more diverse and purposeful values in it. It not only portrays one's dressing sense but also expresses one's approach of how they want to reflect themselves in society. It defines the confidence threshold a person can proliferate within them and it allows them to break conventional and mediocre mindsets of people. 

Gone are the days where only females with a particular set of body types were endorsed for fashion. We will no longer be discriminated against when it comes to fashion representation based on weight or body type.

Plus-size models are on the rise and are gaining equal dignity as compared to standard size. All forms of body types are praiseworthy and during these recent times, plus size models have proved it by breaking the stigma of body shaming and encouraging more females who might be suffering from inferiority to come out of thier shell. 

In this article, we will put some discussions on plus-size dressing and curvy clothing as per your body shape. 


1)Apple Body Shape 


Women fall under this Body Shape category when the uppermost body is bigger and as compared to the bottom part of the body. They usually have wide shoulders and a broader chest and waist, but their hips might be on the narrow side. 

How to dress for this Shape- 

Considering the maximum of the body weight and consolidation more on the upper half, the midriff can turn out looking a little heavier than the other body parts with a basic waistline. For this reason, the basic theme is to take the mind away from these parts of the body and focus more on your firmness. You can flaunt your legs or wear dresses with a deep neckline that will compliment your body type. 

What type of clothes suits Apple-Body Shape-

For this body type, you can add more plus size dresses like A-line and empire cuts to your wardrobe. Go for more colourful frocks and designed jackets that will simply enumerate a layer to alter the focus. For the bottom line, you can go for palazzos and jumpsuits for a plus-size body. As this body shape often has wide shoulders and a large bustline, make sure you wear the perfect bra. If you are a plus-size woman, you can go for more A-line dresses as compared to options like bodycon dresses for a more elegant look. This coral pink number is a great option!


2)Hour-Glass Shape


-Hourglass figure is the most balanced of all with equitable lower and upper body. This body shape often has a narrow waistline with a curvy bust and hips. This is one of the most popular body shapes among ladies and the most desired.

How to dress according to this Shape- 

As you have a well-maintained body shape with a defined waistline, you can go for fits that will do justice to your figure. It should finely define and highlight your curves.

What type of clothes suits Hour-Glass Shape-

Clothing that cinch at the waistline is a sure fit for you. Sweetheart and dresses with a deep neckline can make you look more bold and confident. To highlight your waist, even more, you may also choose a belt that will further accentuate your waistline. Also, you can go for A-line dresses and and form fitting dresses, as they are great options. You may also go for more body-hugging tops and bottoms rather than loose outfits as they will look even more flattering. 

If you are a plus size woman looking for some great fits to suit your hourglass body type, this blue gathered number is a great pick. 


3)Pear-Body Shape


As the name suggests, this body shape is all about the lower body. In Pear-body shape, the thighs and butt are generally on the heavier side than the upper half of the body. Celebs like the Kardashian sisters and Jennifer Lopez have made this body figure more trendy. 


How to dress for this Shape?

If you have the pear body type, you have a plus point where you can design an illusion of an hourglass shape if you can dress right. With narrow shoulders and broad hips, what you need to do is pick out clean, tailored cuts.

What type of clothes suits Pear Body Shape-

-For this shape, you can wear jeans which have a slight flare on the bottom. Outfits like tunics and dresses will add a fine look to your upper body. Tight bottoms and loose blouses can design an hourglass illusion. For the perfect shape, you may avert to outfits like loose pants and figure-hugging tops. 

This Purple Belle Jumper will perfectly highlight your body with the narrow shoulders and flared, flowy bottom. 


4)  Rectangle Body Shape


This body shape is generally well-faired and maintained from the top shoulders to the lower hip. This Rectangle Body Shape is mostly straight-forward and the bust, waist and hips have almost equal measurements. 

How to dress for this Shape- 

You can embrace your arms and legs as these two are the most flattering parts of your body. So, this body shape is more on the athletic side and dresses which can introduce curves in the body can be really flattering. 


What type of clothes suits Rectangle Body Shape-

-Go for more A-line skirts for plus size and ruffle blouses. Wear Plus size Dresses and outfits that bring more curves to your bottom. Sleeveless, backless and sweetheart necklines look absolutely stunning in this body shape. Long Jackets and blazers put on enough drama here.

This sparkle dress for plus size women is a great choice and the belt will add some beautiful curves to your silhouette. 


5)  Inverted Triangle Body


This body shape is the most-sporty appearing body type. This body shape has broader shoulders than hips. 

-How to dress for this Shape

-For the inverted triangle body, you need to concentrate more on adding volume to your hips for creating a proper shape. Straight-cut jumpsuits and maxi dresses for plus size add an inverted-V look to outfits that look great on your figure.

What type of clothes suits Rectangle Body Shape-

For this body shape, attires like peplum tops, scoop neck tops and boyfriend jeans are great options. As in this figure, hips are slimmer than your shoulders, go fits to add volume to the lower half of the body.

It’s about finding structured pieces and balancing out your bottom half with your top half. If you’re a plus size woman, this black belted peplum dress is the best choice to highlight your body shape and give it more curves. 


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All bodies are beautiful! And remember that it is your body and you have the choice to wear anything you want and carry it well. As always, "embrace your waist"!